Mont-Tremblant International Airport © 2020


The Airport

Created in 2001, the airport is located 35 km north of the Tremblant resort in the municipality of La Macaza.  Once a US-Canadian military base, the existing facility was converted into the province of Quebec's third international airport.


The Mont Tremblant International Airport is owned and operated by MTI (Mont Tremblant International Inc.).   Our vision is to be the doorstep of the region, the start of your vacation experience at Tremblant.  Our unique log cabin terminal and our VIP service are unique in the airport industry.

Our Location

The Passenger Lounges  

Built as a log cabin with a fireplace, our unique terminal building greets you as you step off the plane and begin your Tremblant vacation experience.


Our departing lounge is equipped with WIFI and a bistro featuring sandwhiches, wine, beer,etc .

This video presents in a fun way,  how convenient the Mont-Tremblant Int'l airport has become.  A 65 minutes flight from Toronto, be on your way in 15 minutes with our VIP shuttle connection, and a mere 38 minutes to the lobby of  your hotel = 118 minutes

The Mont-Trembalnt airport is located 35 Km north of the Tremblant Resort. The airport offers a quick and efficient access to the resort.

The Mont-Tremblant International Airport